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Dear friends,

Allow us to present you with a practical holder for CDs/DVDs (generally called optical recording medium). It has been produced using the latest technology, which guarantees its high quality. The material used in its production is environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP) produced in Germany, or classic PVC.

The design of this holder offers users several indispensable advantages, which should contribute to its excellent marketability.

The first indispensable advantage is that it saves a considerable amount of space. While there are 40 CDs in our holder in the picture on the left, the picture on the right shows the same amount packed in a classic holder.

Price is definitely a factor in every customer’s decision. For some customers, price is more important than for others. However, if we’re talking about the sort of price difference that’s involved in this case, then they will all take it into consideration.

It’s important for users to be able to remove the medium from the holder and to put it back easily.
It’s important for the medium that users’ hands don’t leave greasy marks on the its recording area.
Our package meets both of these requirements perfectly.

The holder is so well designed that the CD does not come out of the package by itself even if you shake it.

Most customers buy holders such as this so that they can keep any data or CDs which they need for their daily work with them all the time. This is what gives rise to the need to keep CDs in a folder.

Naturally, we have thought of this as well. For this purpose, we have produced an elegant case, which holds 10 to 12 CDs. The case can be made of leather, leatherette or plastic according to customer requirements. If you keep CDs issued by magazines or make backup recordings of your data, and you still have more CDs which you don’t have to keep with you all the time, you can choose some type of lever arch folder. These are produced to hold 20 or 40 CDs and are available in a variety of colours.