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How to make a purchase?

Dear Customers,

Let us make you acquainted with the rules of our electronic shop. At the very beginning, let us recommend that you register as we hope that you will come to our shop again. This will cost you nothing and you will save your time that you would spent on providing your data with each new order, and besides, you can make use of a number of other advantages.

How to buy goods?

By the type of goods that you are interested to buy. By using the icon with the symbol of a shopping basket, put the selected product in the basket. Your basket will be created only after you have put your first product in it. Using the same method, you can put all of your selected goods in the basket.
If you want to check the content of your basket, click on the Basket button. You will see the content of your basket including the number of pieces, unit prices and the total sum. Here you can simply change the quantity of individual items by overwriting the number of pieces. The content of your basket will be updated by clicking on the Recalculate button. Here the most frequent error occurs by not changing the content of the basket (the explorer does not reload the page). In this case click on the desktop by using the right button of the mouse and select the Reload function from the local menu.
If you are satisfied with the content of your basket, click on the Order button.
An order form will be displayed. Fill in all the data necessary for the delivery of the goods that you have purchased. The obligatory data include: name and surname (also if you make a purchase for a firm), firm name, address including postal code, your e-mail address and telephone number. The Tax ID item is only necessary if the price of the goods ordered exceeds 10,000 CZK and you need a tax document. Send your data by clicking on the Send button. By this step the order becomes binding for you as a customer.
We will register your order and generate an e-mail message for you with the same content as your order. The message is a confirmation that your order has been registered in our ordering system.
All the prices specified in the lists of goods are without VAT. The price including VAT is specified in the product cards and the amount of VAT is stated in the shopping basket as well as in the order.